Goals Update – May 2021

Goals Update – May 2021

May 2021 Goals Update

Hi everyone! It’s time for a 2021 goals update. May was another busy month for us. 

May was not our best income month, but we still earned more than enough to cover our bills. As you may already know, my husband works on commission and for the entire month of April, he was studying really hard to get a certification and couldn’t focus on anything else. He passed his exam and earned few fancy letters next to his name. Now his earnings potential and possibilities of getting a higher paying position within his industry will increase, yay!

We also went on a week long trip to Austin Texas to look at houses. For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I have been thinking of moving to the Lone Star state for a about a year now. However, due to the pandemic we’ve pushed off looking at houses in Texas, but now we finally bit the bullet and booked our flight and hotel to Austin Texas. After a lot of research, we’ve decided that Austin was a great city to start a new life.

The main purpose of our move is housing costs. Although we earn enough to have a comfortable living in our home state, we cannot justify the rising house costs here. Our goal is to retire within 7 years and in order to do that we have to make some drastic changes. For most people, the biggest line item on their budget is their rent and mortgage. We are no different. We figured, if we can live way below our means and throw all of our extra income into savings and investments we will for sure retire within a decade.

Our trip lasted 6 days and 5 nights. And this was definitely not a vacation. We literally drove hours and hours to the surrounding suburb cities around Austin to see which areas we liked the most. We visited a ton of open houses and met with real estate agents. It was an exhausting trip, but well worth it. I think we have a good idea of which suburb of Austin we will be moving to and I’ll let you know soon. Stay tuned!

We also went on a whale watching tour and saw orcas, went on a hiking trip, visited various wineries with friends, and splurged on treating our family to a wonderful buffet brunch. Overall, May was a great month!

Now on to my May Goals update…

May Goals Update


Save an additional $100,000.00 in 2021FAIL. For the month of May, we weren’t able to save anything. This brings our year to date total saved to $37,710.00. I am honestly a bit bummed so I am hoping we can save a ton next month. As I mentioned earlier, my husband focused on studying for an additional certification for work so he wasn’t able to earn as much (he works on commission). However, we are currently on track to hit our 2021 goal of $100k!
Stay consistent with our zero based budgetPASS. I was able to stay consistent with using the zero based budget. I logged every purchase. My favorite app to use it the EveryDollar app. It’s free and easy to use.
Pay all of our regular expenses with our rewards credit card to earn free miles for travelPASS. We’ve earned about 11,233 miles for May from putting our regular expenses on our rewards credit card. We paid for our trip to Austin entirely with miles!
Maintain our monthly expenses of $2,500FAIL. We had our trip to Austin which increased our budget by about $1,000. We also had friends visiting from out of town and treated them to a few nice meals. Completely worth spending the extra money though. We enjoy spoiling our friends and those we love 🙂


Walk 5,000 steps everydayFAIL. I did better with this goal in May than in April. However, I did not reach by goal of walking 5,000 steps everyday. I hate working out in a gym setting, but love the outdoors. Ideally, I’d like to simply walk outside my door and go on my daily walks, but because we currently live in an apartment in the city it’s a bit difficult to do this unless I drive 10 minutes to a nearby park. This is one of the things that is high on my priority list when we buy a house, a walking trail nearby.
Don’t eat past 7pmFAIL. This was mainly due to our trip in Austin. The food was SO good and it’s hard not to eat everything in sight. They had amazing local family owned eateries and food trucks on every corner.
Maintain a good skincare routine – PASS. Applying my skincare products has become a sacred ritual for me. It’s almost meditative.
6 Hour Intermittent FastingPASS. I switched my goal from doing a 24 hour fast once a week to doing a 6 hour intermittent fast everyday. Without even trying, I typically don’t eat breakfast and eat my first meal around 1pm and eat dinner around 6pm. This is much more realistic and my body feels better. Sometimes you have to adjust your goals mid-year and you know what? That is okay!


Read one book a monthPASS. The book I read for the month of May was A Promised Land by Barack Obama. I am not into politics at all and the only reason I read this book was because all of the other books I reserved on my Libby app wouldn’t be available until June. This book was available to read right away so I picked it up and boy, it was amazing! This book is a personal memoir of Barack Obama’s experience with campaigning and being the President of The United States. He is a gifted writer and takes you on a journey with the ups and downs of being President. It’s a tough job to say the least. Highly recommend this book.
Turn our guest room into a home office – PASS. I sold everything in our guest room on OfferUp and used that money to buy a nice used desk for $60. I have my work computer and printer all set up in my office. I still have to buy two bookcases, a filing cabinet, rug, and some decor items, but I am so happy I can finally utilize that space!
Declutter –
FAIL. I still haven’t gotten to decluttering our closets. I will get to this in June!


Host dinner at least once a month – PASS. Due to covid, I haven’t spent as much as time with my family this past year, but with restrictions starting ease up my husband and I was able to treat our family to a delicious brunch buffet at one of our favorite restaurants. It was so nice seeing everyone together in person. We talked, laughed, and made jokes. It was a memorable time. I am looking forward to doing this more often.
Respond to phone calls and text messages right away – PASS. Success!
Call or text my parents every week – PASS. I swished this goal to once a week versus everyday because we were running out of things to say and I can tell my mom was avoiding my calls, haha.


Go on weekly date nights – PASSSince the weather has gotten nicer, we’ve been going on a lot of mini road trips. My hubs took me to a winery, beautiful scenic drives, and a trip to a hiking trail with the view on top takes your breath away.
Practice giving positive commendation – PASS
My husbands love language is hearing positive words of encouragement so I definitely wanted to make this a goal. I think everything he does it amazing and inspiring, but sometimes it’s difficult for me to express my appreciation into words. This month I made sure to express my gratitude, even if it was for a simple cup of coffee. 
Have dinner with no electronics –
 PASS. We’ve been doing so well! We used to always have our meals in the living room, but lately we’ve been eating dinner at the dining room table with no phones or tv. It’s been so nice to have a conversation with no distractions.


Read the daily scripture – PASS. I read my daily scripture every morning for the month of May.
Practice gratitude by writing down three things I am grateful for or three things that happened – PASS.
Be more present
 – PASS. I picked up this quick 3 minute meditation habit from Pick Up Limes from YouTube. She said that whenever she needs to be calm and present, she takes 3 minutes to sit down and answer the following:

  • 5 things I see
  • 4 things I feel
  • 3 things I hear
  • 2 things I smell
  • 1 things I taste 

This has been such a gift! It’s really fast, calms the mind, and relaxes the body. Whenever I want to be more present I put down my phone, turn the computer off, and answer the above 5 questions. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!


Post a blog twice a week – PASS. I have successfully posted two blogs posts a week in May. *pat on the back*
Get at least two months ahead on My Personal Finance Blog posts – FAIL. 
I am currently two weeks ahead on blog posts, but not quite two months yet. However, I will get there! 
Do $350k in billing at by day job –
 FAIL. In order for me to hit the $350k goal, I have to do roughly $2,777 a day in billing. If I hit this goal, I will get a fat bonus a 12% raise in December. Wish me luck!

What are your 2021 goals? What’s your action plan for setting goals for 2021?

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