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Welcome to My Personal Finance Blog. My name is Ann, I am a millennial, and happily married for seven years. My husband and I became debt free on May 2020 paying off $60,861.00 of debt. We were also able to save a $20,000 six month emergency fund shortly after that. In 2018, we came across Dave Ramsey and I credit this man with helping us take action and become more intentional with our finances. However, as of August 2020 we have recently converted to the FIRE community and my husband and I now have a goal to reach FIRE (Financial Independent Retire Early) by year 2028.

The purpose of this blog is to create an outlet for our personal finance journey. I want a space where I can freely talk about our financial situation, have a place to document our journey, and open up about our future goals because let’s be honest here, not everyone is comfortable talking about this subject. I like the thought of creating a support group for other like minded individuals. I also simply need a place to brain dump my thoughts, worries, ideas, and interests. Do you mind listening? I truly hope so. 

In regards to our professions, my husband is a financial advisor and I am a certified Pension Administrator with ten years of experience working in the retirement plan industry. You would think that we would have our finances together from the get go right? The truth is, we were living like absolute rock stars the first five years of our marriage. We had two BMW payments, went on monthly shopping sprees, spent $1,000 a month on restaurants, and our minimum debt payments were $1,752. Yikes! Rest assured, we do not spend like that anymore. We have embraced a semi-frugal living lifestyle and continue to stock away about 50% of our income towards savings and investments.

On the blog I will be sharing any frugal finds, investing tips, saving information, retirement strategies, side hustles, our personal budget reports, and anything FIRE related. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

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